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...to the web home for P.E.Productions, Colorado’s premier provider of quality special event entertainment since 1987.

Over the years, I’ve assisted literally thousands of clients as a booking agent for bands and other entertainment, and enjoy helping my clients build the event of their dreams coordinating the perfect entertainment for their weddings, social events, corporate events, festivals, fairs, and summer concert series.  

I love to work with brides and grooms, and I love weddings!  I also regularly provide entertainers of a very wide variety for corporate parties, conventions, gala fund raisers, and a wide variety of other types of social and corporate events.  

About Me
I have been a professional musician since 1975, and have (nearly exclusively) performed in private party and wedding bands since 1986. I still perform in a great private party/wedding band to this day: “Off the Record” is my band, and is one of the featured bands on this site.

​Because I continue to perform for weddings and other special events, I stay current and connected with the trends of this part of the "entertainment for special events" industry, as well as staying in touch with the many bands, musicians and entertainers that are part of the private party entertainment talent pool here in Colorado. more...


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About My Website
This site features just a few of the many great bands and entertainers that I have come to know over the years, but predominantly the ones that I continue to work closely with.  They represent only a few of the outstanding bands, musicians and entertainers that I have access to to assist you in crating the perfect event.  Any attempt on my part to list all of the ones that I may suggest to you here, is simply not possible. 

Getting Started
What I have found works best, is for you to share as much information with me about your event, and also your ideas of what the perfect entertainment for your event would be.  I then go to work for you finding the best options based on your wishes, the available talent, taking into consideration your budget, the venue, what you've told me about your event, the guests, etc.  I then present the best options back to you, and you decide! 
It's really that simple 
Call me today, or use the contact form on this site to get started!

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